Authenticity of our gems

C.I. Triángulo de Oro Joyeros S.A.®, a Colombian company that has been on the market since 1991, gives you a certificate of authenticity of emerald and diamond, which are guaranteed to have been evaluated by gemologists listed at the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.). The emerald is one of the most delicate gemstones. The defects and inclusions of the emeralds are natural. The warranty does not cover damages to gems, stones or emeralds due to breaks or bad use of the wearer. Any warranty request must be made with the original payment receipt. The maintenance of the jewel will be made one year after the purchase. The Company is responsible for the maintenance of the jewel only one year after the purchase but not its replacement, it is understood as replenishing the fact of including, adhering or embedding new gems to the jewel, when the gems fall they must facilitate and / Or provide the bearer, not the jewelry.

C.I. Triángulo de Oro Joyeros SA guarantees that the material with which each piece is made is of the quality indicated in the catalog description, it is also guaranteed and certified the authenticity of the stones, this guarantee Does not cover the natural wear and tear suffered by the Product with the use, nor the damages originated by misuse of the same, such as: Breaking of a stone, Sumiduras, Damage originated in the jewel by contact with: sweat, chlorine, salt water, chemicals, cleaning products, Hot water, perfumes, creams and lacquers, chain break or bracelet, natural changes in precious or semi-precious stones. All the garments in white gold have a beautification with a material called rhodium, which disappears over time especially when exposing the garment to chemicals such as creams or perfumes and others, it is recommended that the client make a rhodium coating for At least every 6 months to maintain its beauty which must be paid separately and is not part of the guarantee, unless the seller expresses that you will do a maintenance free. Gemstones in general are very sensitive to blows, detachment and in some cases scratches, special care is advised to avoid this type of mistreatment that will end up deteriorating the jewel.