Privacy Policy

Your information is safe

CI Triángulo de Oro Joyeros SA is recognized as one of the jewelery stores that guarantees the security and integrity of its users and / or customers that choose it as their favorite store, for that reason, we have the responsibility of not divulging any data Or information that you as a user that we find offers freely to our database, since, this information is for institutional use for informational purposes only, that will give you the knowledge of our offers, discounts for our products and congratulations on special occasions, So that through authorized by the customers, at the beginning of the transaction, when the personal data voluntarily supplied; C.I Triángulo de Oro Joyeros S.A.®, demonstrates through the privacy policy of the treatment given to that personal information of our clients. Due to the service we offer for the virtual environment and we go under this provides, knowing this need CI Triangle Gold Joyeros SA®, keeps you informed about the movements and changes that require privacy policies with the virtual environment, for this reason we request Your help to keep up with these changes. The information provided by our clients will be forwarded to the authorities, when required by a court order. Purchases made C.I. Triángulo de Oro Joyeros S.A.®, authorizes us to consult and request credit information, the financial and commercial performance of service to others, even in countries of similar nature to the information center CIFIN S.A., generating a query footprint.